Project Life: Week 3

So I’m behind on my posting of Project Life but at least I’m true to my procrastinating nature.  The last few weeks of word have been go-go-go.  So much so that I make it to the weekend realizing that I haven’t taken many, if any, pictures.  At least the weekends make up for it…




1 This particular weekend was full of time spent with my cousin, Sharayah…

2 I couldn’t help but put a flower in her hair, especially since she is notorious for picking flowers and passing them out to anyone who will have them.  We played the mandolin and ukulele, built blanket forts and made cupcakes.  Blue ones, of course!

3 Have I mentioned that I am LOVING the papers and cards from the Seafoam Collection?  The fact that they are double sided seems to make the following week a little easier to put together because there is something already showing through if I want to use it.

4 Rayah was so patient with this one as I played with my new phone’s panorama function.  “Move to the left a little more… hold!  Hold!  Okay, move again…”  You get the picture.

5 While I’m a little behind on posting, I have kept up with the pages so I’m calling this new “memory keeping” habit a winner!  What do you do to with your photos?

project life cover copy

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