Goodbye 2012, Hello Lucky 13!

In a recent newsletter from my friend, Aleesha Nash, she asked, “what was the biggest lesson of 2012?  Of course, this questions comes on the heels of a million and one “2012 wrap up” and “year in review” blog posts.

When I think of wrapping up a year, usually it a list of goals, mostly unaccomplished, or tasks I set in a fit on the first of the year.  In 2011, I was a bit ambitious yet wishy washy.  The goals where hard to call accomplished because there was nothing specific about them.   I tried to do things a bit differently in 2012, setting quantifiable goals so I could measure progress.

Working through the Authentic Dreaming Worksheet by Danielle LaPorte and her subsequent audio prezzie “A story about desire”, I began to realize I was still barking up the wrong tree.  I think my biggest lesson of 2012 was that, for me, I need to think of my goals in terms of setting habits, not just accomplishing “X”.So, up for 2013 is a goal model focus on developing the habits to achieve dreams.

I learned two things:

  1. I need to get down to the DESIRE and THEN set goals to get me closer.
  2. Almost every goal or desire I have requires HABIT.

For instance, a 2012 goal was ride “1000 miles”

  1. The real goal was to lose weight.  And the “lose weight” goal was actually about a desire to feel energized, vibrant, and healthy.
  2. Even if i had crossed off the 1000 mile goal, I hadn’t been consistent… huge pushes here and there and lots more time just NOT exercising at all.  What I really needed was to establish an iron clad habit so that exercise lost it’s optional status.

Another goal was write 365 pages

  1. I am supposed to be a writer.  I DESIRE nothing more than tugging a story thread by thread from my mind and putting it on paper.  While the goal wasn’t a bad one, it didn’t get to the heart of the matter.  As I thought about that one all year, I thought, well, I set that because I really just want to finish this novel… then I finished the novel.  I found that finishing the novel by brute force and not by steady habitual progress, when it was done, I stopped writing… but the purpose for the goal was keep writing!
  2. Yes, of course I’m [still] celebrating but beyond hunkering down and writing like a maniac in sporadic spurts, the real dream/goal is to write constantly, to always have a project going, even if it’s blog posts or morning pages.  Another HABIT.


In 2012 i was intentional about setting quantifiable goals.  Some I achieved, most i did not.

In 2013 I’m focused more on setting habits that will move me closer to my dreams and desires.  If a new habit takes 60 days, I’m not going to start them all at day one.

So, down to the “Feelings” or desires..


In 2013 I want to feel:

  • healthy, energized, vibrant
  • spiritually connected
  • inspired
  • organized


Each month I will set just a few, if not just one, habits to establish that bring me closer in line with my desired feelings.

What are you working on this new year?

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2012, Hello Lucky 13!

  1. Good thoughts. My word for the year is “purpose,” meaning I want to aim to be a man of purpose and conviction and I want to do things with focus and purpose. So I definitely get what you’re saying about creating habits that move you closer to where you want to be. Thanks for the great reminder!

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