I have a serious thing for songs with counting and clapping.  This love fest overflows into the repeated sung syllables phenomenon.. you know, “na na na” etc.

So it is no mystery that I’m crazy lovin’ the band Seryn.  I had the pleasure of hearing them live in Nashville two weekends ago and they are shut-the-front-door-awesome-sauce.

They met all my criteria of fantastic music elements with incorporated clapping and lyrics like “come away away away” ( <— repeated syllables!).  But they raised me 752 instruments.  This may be a slight exaggeration but I highly emphasis “slight”.


The lead singer switches between various guitars and a ukulele… at one point he sings INTO THE UKULELE.  The drummer grabs a guitar then hits the xylophone… you know, no biggie.  The female vocal whips out a harmonica, a tambourine, the a stand up drum that gets passed to the lead singer who at one point beats the drumsticks on the frame or mic stand or something (which gets me more than clapping happy) and the bass player…  yeah, he just busts out a trumpet and plans some instrument with a bow that I couldn’t identify.

And there’s a fiddler… a freaking fiddler.

Color me impressed.


Like Jon Acuff says, “their a more musically talented Mumford and Sons.”  Sorry Mumford and Sons—you’ve been ousted from my playlist.  It’s going to be Seryn on a loop for at least 27 days.  Not a good time for you to release your new album… I’ll catch ya later.

Special thanks to Jon Acuff and the Quitter conference for introducing me to my new favorite band (well, next to The Cure anyways).

Meet Seryn from Matthew Armstrong on Vimeo.

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