Week(s) in Photos: Sept 15-28


My grandmother had a knee replacement two weeks back.  She had a few complications and was suffering severe pain and they couldn’t figure out what was causing it.  On the day I visited her in the hospital, I stalked followed her and the nurse down to sit with her while she got a second set of x-rays to make sure that no one hurt my grandmother (that’s my job… kidding!!!).  The tech made me sit in a waiting room.  I’d already threatened every person that worked on her floor (in my head anyways) so I gave the guy a break and took a seat.  This is what I saw while doing my obligatory count of ceiling tiles… not sure that would make me feel all warm and fuzzy if I was flat on my back waiting for an x-ray but, hey, guess they’re trying…


The road between Orlando and Melbourne that I like to take is natural Florida most of the way…


it feeds my Florida sky obsession… we really do have better clouds than anywhere else…


I’ve seen the insides of my feet more than any other part of my body… I’ve done more damage to my right foot than any other appendage… THIS is why I only wear awesome shoes…


Gratuitous sky pic… deal with it…


I arrived in Nashville in the early evening then waited at the airport Starbucks for my friend to arrive on a later flight… I got to see the sunset while I sat there…


and also realized that I WAY over process my photos… but I sorta like them like that… yeah, it’s totally on purpose… it’s “artsy”… yeah…


Friday was our touristy day in Nashville… so naturally we started with a few hours of work (well, writing for me) at a cool coffee shop near Vanderbilt.  I got a fireball… it was the most awesome thing EVER.


Then on to the Parthenon… because when somebody randomly decides to built a full scale replica of a Greek temple, you’re obliged to show up.


and when in Nashville, one must walk down Music Row… sorta like a Bourbon Street with less beads and more twang…


Puckett’s Grocery in Franklin was AHmazing.  Fried green bean, pulled pork quesadillas and pumpkin ales… enough said.


Tennessee sky pic… see.. obsessed!


But most of the weekend was about the Jon AcuffQuitter” conference (buy the book… buy it!) where I received some of the best advice in my life, including this…e5053eb205ef11e2904b22000a1cdc2a_7

Then after some wonderful time spent with friends, I flew home…

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