2nd Annual Bao Fest!


I have a fairly extensive obsession with Bao, and I’m not the only one of my friends with the issue.  I have Wow Bao of Chicago to blame for my addiction.  Our annual conference used to be in Chicago, and my friend and co-worker Dustin and I, would bee line to Wow Bao every chance we got… we may have even got some to go to eat in the cab to the airport.

We even contemplated having them shipped from Chicago in a moment of withdrawal but after seeing the price tag, we set off to making our own from scratch… hence the 1st Annual Bao Fest.  It was good but the dough was sort of a nightmare.

THEN, while googling Bao for the millionth time, searching for a place that makes them in Orlando, the heavens opened, trumpets sounded, and I found out that the asian market across the street from me has an entire freezer aisle dedicated to them.

It was then that the 2nd Annual Bao Fest was born!

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Once again, the foodie crew gathered and there was much rejoicing.  I threw together my trademark asian salad, mixed up a batch of hurricanes and we killed it… it was AMAZING!!!

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Can I just say “YUM!”?  I’m about to whip out the steamer just looking at these pictures!

What foods are you obsessed with?  Do you have a foodie crew?  I want to know!

logo copy

And don’t forget to check out the goodies for sale at:OTS

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