Week(s) in Photos: Aug 16-31


Dinner at Hue and a walk around Lake Eola with Leslie…


A new favorite furry house guest…


Too much fun at the Big Bang Bazaar at the Maitland Civic Center with Lynn and Sharon… too much fun that I forgot to take pictures IN the Bazaar….


To and from Melbourne on sunny Sunday…


Lots of work going on around here… the novel is almost done and a new line will be up on Etsy next week!


2nd annual bao fest with the crew… complete with hurricanes in honor of, well, the hurricane (thanks again, Dustin, for bring them back from Nola for us!)


Fun mail and my new lovies…


I love this graphic from our Day of Prayer… (by Ruth Hubbard)


Nothing feeds creativity like long meetings and hot evenings at Starbucks…


Spared by the hurricane… these are a sad example of “outer bands”…


It’s been crazy to me, as I’ve caught up on my Week in Photos posts, how much actually happens in a two week interval.  I’ve got to say, the last two weeks have been so chock full of awesome, I can’t wait to see what September has in store!

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