My Very First Craft Workshop!

I’m terrified of public speaking… and I’m a little wary of middle schoolers.  What possessed me to say “Yes” when my friend asked me to lead a craft workshop for her youth group, I’ll never know.


I faced the challenge, however, of finding a crafts that wouldn’t be to childish but would be interesting/fun for girls AND boys.  Where did I turn?  Do you not know me at all?


These puppies have been haunting my pin boards for quite some time, so after much deliberation, I dove in.



[Sources: HERE, HERE and HERE]

I picked up some 7” pine plagues from Michael’s for $1.00/each and a bunch of finishing nails from Home Depot.  Being the yarn hoarder of the century, I pulled out several huge spools of thin yard that I’d never know what to do with… they worked PERFECTLY.  The kids brought there own hammers and I printed out the alphabet in a nice thick font to use as templates.

I whipped out a sign of my own to use during the demonstration….


The kids were great!  They listened, worked hard and seemed really excited about the project.  Their string art turned out so well!  It was fun to see each of them with a different wrapping technique and they got so creative, doing layers of different colored yarn.



And even my friends, the group leaders, got in on the fun working in a little Florida/Mustache pride…


Now I can’t wait until my next opportunity to lead a workshop!  Never thought I’d say that!

Happy Stringing!

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