Annual Goals Recap

First of all, can you believe it is May 1st?!?  CRAZY!

Back in January, I shared my 2012 Annual Goals



… then life took over.  It’s been a hectic four months between being sick, traveling, and then on March 1st, breaking my foot leaving me ambulatory challenged to this day.  Go ahead and scream “EXCUSES EXCUSES EXCUSES!!!”  I agree…


So here’s a little update of my progress:

Read the entire Bible:

I’m following a Bible in a Year program and have wrapped up Genesis, Exodus, Matthew, Psalms 1-37 and Proverbs 1-10.  Not quite on schedule to finish by December 31st but it is progress.


Write 365 pages:

Ummmm… let’s skip this one 😛


Create 52 Things:

Again, I’m behind, but I have 8 done, several of which I’ll be posting soon!


Take 12 Rolls of Film:

Okay, so I have yet to load a single roll of film.  BUT, I have decided to amend this goal to “12 Rolls of Film OR EQUIVALENT” and by that count I have two rolls down with my trips to Pensacola and Vermont in January.  Charging batteries as I type!


Read 12 Books:

Now this I have under control thanks to automatic delivery with my Kindle app.  Nothing heals “sitting in pain on the couch” like a few tween novels and the Hunger Games was just the ticket to get me through the first week after I broke my foot.  I’ve also finished Princess of Mars (of the John Carter series) and have three more going at the moment.  Reviews to follow!


Paint every room in the house:

I have paint chips taped up in every room.  SO ready to get started!


Ride 1000 miles:

Again, this one has been foiled by my broken foot but as I’m nearly healed and the doc has given the go ahead, I hope that this goal is still attainable.


So there you have it!  My new motto is “PROGRESS IS NOT FAILURE!”

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