This New (to me) House!

It’s I’ve-got-the-keys-in-my-hand official!  I am a home owner!!!

Okay, I’ll admit it.  That would have been a much more exciting sentence if this was being posted in June when I closed on the house.  Oh well.  LIFE HAPPENS.

Buying a house was easily the biggest commitment I’ve ever made in my entire life but I’m actually excited instead of scared.  Guess that’s what happens when you bide your time and wait for the right one.

Here it is… the reveal you’ve all been waiting for… unless of course:

    1. I already forced you multiple times to look at the pictures from my first showing
    2. I’ve already enticed you over with promises of food and frivolity
    3. I’ve made you work at my house in order to consume said food
    4. You helped take care of me after my foot surgery
    5. You haven’t been waiting at all because you know me too well and you guessed it would take at least 6 months to get pictures online…

Take that Es! I’ve got you beat by two months!  

 DSC07322DSC07324DSC07325DSC07326  DSC07328  DSC07332DSC07333DSC07337DSC07335DSC07344DSC07363DSC07336DSC07338DSC07341DSC07343DSC07342DSC07351DSC07347DSC07348

So that’s pretty much the at-a-glance tour of the place! More to come as I start digging into the decoration process.  I’ll leave you with a few favorite “moments” I love (or find hilarious). 

DSC07352 DSC07353 DSC07354   DSC07360DSC07357 DSC07358 DSC07362 DSC07356 DSC07365

One thought on “This New (to me) House!

  1. Aww love it. Esp the yard and the cute brick detailing on the house, oh yes AND the vintageish chandelier! (sp?). It is you. Can’t wait to see your decorating! Glad to see you have a craft room — i can’t wait for that day!

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