When I want to stop…

There’s a new label in my Gmail inbox these days.  It’s bright blue and reads “when I want to stop.”  Thanks to some fabulous people who’s paths God has ordained to converge at this exact time in my life, this label is finding it’s way on more and more emails. 


The most recent was from Tynisha Leon (of Dasheen Magazine).  She forwarded a recent post from Danielle LaPorte’s blog Whitehot Truth that contained a stab to the heart that this girl needed to hear today.  Danielle wrote about the difference between motivation and inspiration, and though I know I’ve been lacking in the motivation department, one of her examples of inspiration summed me up in one sentence.

I have something to say that needs to be heard.

When I write I feel bigger, freer, like God is using me well.

I have to write.  It’s what pulls me.  To ignore that fact is just disobedience.  I don’t write to make money.  I don’t write to please people.  I don’t write because it’s cool or because I have delusions of being a Bronte.  I write because it’s in me.  It IS me. 

Novel Writing (Day 3)


Imagine this post with a great big blue label that will catch my eye the next time I want to stop…

logo copy

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