Photo(s) of the Day: Ireland 2009

I know, I know.  I owe you a new house post… and a June Goals revisited post… and well, July and August Goals to boot. 

BUT, speaking of crossing off goals, I finally finished the photobook for my 2009 Ireland roadtrip.  (Sidenote: every time I type Ireland my brain keeps typing and writes “Irelando”  Guess it’s a side effect of living in Orlando.)  The book took nearly two and a half days of pretty solid focus to wade through the 1000+ “keeper” pictures that my travelmates snapped on our two-week road trip.1. Mizen Head, 2. Ring of Kerry, 3. Bantry, 4. Cashel, 5. Derryveagh Mountains, 6. Tully Castle, 7. Belfast Castle, 8. Lough Erne, 9. Giant’s Causeway 

A little insight into the strategy:

On any trip, especially with several individuals and several cameras, organization is key.  Each night we downloaded  all the day’s pics onto the laptop.  We used folder naming to organize the days and stops along the way.  For example, “02_01 Powerscourt” translates to “Day two, stop 1 was Powescourt“.  With folders created for each stop of the day, we did a quick sort of all the pics into their appropriate folder.  Once the sorting was done, together we’d go back through each folder to eliminate duplicates and do quick crops with a focus on keeping the “best”.

Other details:

I use for all my photography, so I uploaded all the Ireland pics to Flickr, translating folders into sets.  I scored a Picaboo Groupon ($35 for $100!) which made it extra convenient since the Picaboo platform connects easily to Flickr.  I simply went to Add Photos, linked up to Flickr, then added photos one set (or road trip stop) at a time.  If you have a ton of pictures, I recommend the import-as-needed method.  It may seem like extra steps but in the end, it was easier to keep my days in order that way.

So… HERE it is!

Click on the cover to take a look and if you are really interested you can check out all 1,000 on my Flickr site HERE!

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