A Method to the Moving Madness: Part 2

Welcome to the second installment of The Move.

When I left off, we’d just finished up the “easy” stuff.  At this point closets are empty or sparse and furniture and walls are bare.  We are over the hump with only one last beast to tackle… the kitchen.  Working up to packing this room I highly recommend scouring your local liquor stores for boxes (what were YOU thinking??)–the bottle dividers are perfect for protecting your glasses.  This is also a great time to take some early morning walks wearing your ninja gear to snag the neighbor’s newspaper out of their recycling bins before the trucks roll around… I’m just saying, I’m all about free packing material.

Before I go hog wild relocating every last fork and pan into a box, I survey the food situation.  I really don’t love moving food so I like to pare down the perishables in the weeks prior to the move (plus at this point, I’m always saving my pennies) so I go through the fridge and pantry and make a plan for as many meals as I can.  Some exceedingly interesting yet probably unadvisable combinations usually make it into the “meal” category but it makes the move easier in the end.

Day 67 of 365 FGR

The time has come.  Take a deep breath, put on a good movie or your favorite music (or the entire Harry Potter marathon, you know, just in case it takes a while), and go to town working from the top down.  Leaving a set of dishes to get by (if you aren’t a paper plate kinda person) and the most versatile cooking utensils you have for those last few meals. Clean those cabinets out!  I’m usually eating ramen for every meal by this time so all I need is a mug and a spoon.  This time around I packed pantry items in reusable grocery bags. Easy Peasy!

When the furniture goes, it’s finally apparent that the end is nearing.  It is also apparent how well you did NOT dust the tops of tall furniture or vacuum underneath beds and couches.  What are you gonna do?  Move along, that’s what.

Then you are in THE FINAL FRONTIER…

Photo via Blueforce4116 on Flickr

Actually, you are in the garage.  This tends to lag in the process as quite a few of the garage-y type things are needed to do final clean up of the old house and also the pre-move-in prep at the new house.  I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I’ve found the most organized method.  This time, however, I’ve made a separate section for the essentials: lawn mower, yard tools, vacuum, broom, mops, cleaning supplies, tool box, etc.  These will be the things that get thrown in the back of my truck at the last minute so they can be the first things off.  Everything else is packed or tossed.

I’ve got to say, this move has been the smoothest of the 11.  Between the help I’ve had from friends and family and the convenience of the POD (which I highly recommend) I’ve managed not to hurt anyone myself.  Believe me, that’s impressive.  To all those who made this possible, and you know who you are, I love you all and would like to bestow upon you this award:

Do you have any tried and true tricks of the trade?  Are you a master mover and a shaker?  Tell me all about it!

Stay tuned for the reveal of le maison de Mariah next week!

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