Quote of the Day: Yves Saint Laurent

I can spend an incredibly long time deciding on a card, especially for birthdays, for a multitude of reasons:

A) There are a bazillion to choose from…

B) I’m that obnoxious person that wants to listen to every singing card, even though it says right on the sign what song it will sing…

C) The sentiment is important–but so is the aesthetic.  An ugly card with a good message is, well, still an ugly card…

D) I get hooked with the Hallmark coupon they always have available on the aisle that gets you a free card when you by so three.  Just take the time an excessively slow card picker needs to pick cards and multiply it by four… ridiculous!

Anyways, with the plethora of May birthdays, I opted for a new tactic and searched out quotes (read about my quote love HERE) that reminded me of a certain dear friend and created this…

Scaled to 5 x 7 and printed on card stock, it made an easy card and with a blank interior, I could write my own message.

Do you have style?  Want a copy?  Let me know 🙂

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