“Tue” Do: The Annual Goal List

I’m fairly convinced that there isn’t much that’s more uncomfortable than reviewing your New Year’s resolutions and/or goal list for the year that is about to expire.  Okay, okay… I’m sure there is much much worse.  I can hear you ticking off all the “Job-like” tragedies that could be happening and I get it, I do.  Regardless, you have to admit, it’s a very self-defeating process looking at a “list of things undone” versus a “list of accomplishments.”

Here’s a little recap of the 2010 list:

  • Write-Finish the novel that I frantically beat on during the month of November.  I’ve also got some ideas for children’s books that I really want to work on.
  • Be more ”Artsy”-(because we aren’t calling it crafty since “crafters” sorta freak me out).  I want to knit things that intimidate me, make things I always said I could make but never tried to figure it out, Pick up my poor neglected camera again, learn to sew, etc etc etc… and sell it all at craft “art” shows and on Etsy.
  • Cook-I’ve been inspired by the newest addition to my cookbook collection (thanks Dustin!) and I refuse to let it get dusty like the rest of them!
  • Be hospitable-which goes along with the cooking I think. Vegan brunch anyone? Game night?
  • Explore-I bought this book, Daytrips from Orlando, months and months ago and still haven’t done anything. There’s a cool walking tour of Downtown O-Town; Again, any takers?
  • Read-I was exceedingly disappointed with myself when, sorting through my books, I realized that I have, at minimum, 40 books I’ve never read.  This is unacceptable.  So, I’ve challenged myself to not buy any books until this “Unread” shelf is empty… this doesn’t mean that I can’t receive gifts… I’m just saying…

I started my evaluation by listing anything I’d done in any of these categories…

  • Write- I did write this year.  I wrote a lot this year.  The novel isn’t in hardback but there has been major progress.  I blogged more than any other year so far.  This is definitely a more is better situation and better isn’t failure.


  • Be more “Artsy”- I sewed, people.  I made an elephant, a cd holder, pillows for my mom, mini placemats and napkins for my baby cousin’s kitchen.  I made beaded hairpins straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine.  I knit enormous intarsia stockings for a friend… THREE OF THEM.


  • Cook- My copy of Vegan with a Vengeance is covered in pumpkin puree smudges (best pumpkin muffins EVER) and carrot juice (I never thought I’d love Carrot Bisque).  I grew to love a food processor and even sprung for a submersion blender and a wok.  Pumpkin soup, maple dijon green beans, stir fry, chocolate covered strawberries…


Something strange was happening!  Three stars?  Unheard of! Admittedly, the last three didn’t go so well but I’m too stoked about my three stars to care.   So, it is with renewed ambition I present to you… [drum roll please]… my list for…


What is on your list this year?  Did you have great success in 2010?  High hopes for 2011?  I’d love to hear…

4 thoughts on ““Tue” Do: The Annual Goal List

  1. Hey Lady,

    I love the goals! Good for you and a big STAR for your bravery, progress, and turning on the stove. I was just watching Julie and Julia and I decided to add cook through a cookbook this year -I was thinking Rachel Rays… 365 no repeat book. ttfn – ARN

    1. Great idea about the Rachael Ray cookbook! I don’t think I could cut it but PLEASE let me know about the good recipes!

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