Music Monday: My Year in Music

Over the last few years, pretty much since several marketing people conned me into believe I was nothing without Twitter (you know who you are and I may never stop blaming you all for the madness), I’ve been posting a song of the day somewhat regularly. “What makes a ‘Song of the day’?” you may ask.  The criteria are quite simple.  A song qualifies by a) being heard by me between 12:01 AM and 11:59 PM on the day in question (yes, there is a two-minute window that does not qualify) and b) I must like it.  The music that makes the cut is usually the first thing I hear that day.   A great majority of the time, I wake up hearing the song in my head.  It seems I may or may not actually have a jukebox app installed in my brain by aliens. Yes, I’m seeing someone about that… thanks for your concern.

Crazy or not, I was fairly diligent about recording My Year in Music via Twitter and Facebook during 2010.  As 2011 loomed on the horizon, I browsed through a year’s worth of tweets gathering up these little nuggets and laughing my head off at the randomness that is my tweet life.  (Note to self: Pick back up on the Quote of the Day posts… stinking hilarious stuff!)

Anywho…   The list was way too long for a blog post so I’ve created a playlist on YouTube with my top picks especially for your listening pleasure. As it’s Monday while I post this, I thought you could use a little audio vacation while you dig out of your inbox. You are welcome.

You can listen to the whole list HERE

  • Local Natives | Sun Hands
  • Band of Skulls | Friends
  • Tom Petty | American Girl
  • Third Eye Blind | Jumper
  • Dandy Warhols | We Used to be Friends
  • Ben Harper & Jack Johnson | Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
  • The Cure | Friday I’m in Love
  • The Format | Inches & Falling
  • Jack Johnson | Better Together
  • Bob Marley | Jammin’
  • The Cars | Let’s Go

Comment below if you’d like the whole list but, if you need the Reader’s Digest version, here’s my numero uno song of 2010.

How about you? What did you have running on a loop on your ear buds last year?

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