“Tue” Do: Planning Out the Ole Blog

I’m a bit of a planner. 

Okay, that’s a huge understatement.  I’m a compulsive planner.  In fact, I’m paralyzed from action until an inordinate amount of scheming and mapping has been completed.

And that’s just to get out of bed in the morning.
my write out loud moment
It’s because of this that I find my blogging thus far a complete anomaly.  I post about random topics at a completely sporadic rate and I’ve actually been pretty much okay with that… until now. 

November 1 marks the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo ( to those in the know), or just NaNo (to those who have taken the novel-in-30-days challenge before and learned to love short nonsense words that could be thrown in just to increase word count for the day).  In preparation for this month completely devoted to novel-writing, I’ve been finishing up craft projects, doing Fall cleaning (the Florida version of Spring cleaning-we just go from “Fall” to “Hot”), trying to increase my daily time spent writing, and planning for this here blog.

During NaNo, I’ll be writing, as a goal, 1,800 to 2,000 words a day… that’s after a full day’s work.  Life is pretty much work, eat, write, sleep for 30 days so there won’t be much time for blogging and it’s difficult to switch from “candid random blog” brain to “living in the mind of characters who are growing increasingly impatient that you haven’t wrapped up this phase of their story yet” brain.   So, in order to limit the mind-splitting psychosis, I’ve decided to amass a month’s worth of blog posts before the end of October. 

In the dark...
Can it be done?  Not sure, but this idea triggered the internal list maker and thus a One Thread That Winds post schedule was born unto a spreadsheet.  (I speak spreadsheet… don’t judge me).

I like the idea of giving a bit of a theme to each day of the week and I’ve set a high goal of writing a post for everyday from Monday through Friday.  I’m a sucker for alliteration so here are my ideas:

  • Music Monday: Album and artist review, playlists, etc.
  • “Tue” Do & How “Tue”: Things I want to do and tutorials of how to do things I’ve already done
  • Wanted Wednesday: Erm, sort of self-explanatory
  • The Thursday Thread: Threads of thought and literal threads (knitting, sewing and other textile projects)
  • Friday Finishline: Project before and afters, accomplished goals, etc.

The spaces on my spreadsheet for October and November topics are almost full and I’m formulating ideas for a holiday bonanza in December.  I’m not sure if the look on my friends’ faces upon seen my “schedule” is awe or pity… I’m just going to go with them being impressed for my own motivation’s sake.  Here’s to hoping that the planning pays off, increasing my writing and giving the site a sense of structure that it’s been seriously lacking.

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