Friday Finishline: My Me Cave


Almost two months ago I wrote an enthusiastic post (read it HERE) confessing my undying love for Young House Love and showing you the cluttered ridiculousness that is my office/craft room/gym… basically my Me Cave.  I was inspired and had high hopes for a quick weekend revamp and, well, it DID only take a weekend. 

I suppose I should have specified WHICH weekend. 

As a little recap, my goal was to whip my current dumping ground into a functioning office, craft area, and gym all-in-one. 

Now for the obligatory disclaimer: My intent was not a complete redesign.  My main goal was to streamline and create a functional space.  Perhaps a complete decor revamp is in the future but I’m okay with good enough for now. 

Here’s a reminder of the before: As you walked in, you were greeted by a messy, yet necessary bit of storage…


And the rest of the room was, well, a mess.  The desk had become a catch-all and an inefficient closet meant lots of supplies left everywhere.


And here is after a Saturday’s work and $33:

A $3 tension rod and a curtain I already had (made by my fabulous sister) solved the ugly entrance issue.

 the entrance

 A $30 shelving unit from Sam’s Club provided some much-needed closet storage where there was previously only the upper shelf.

Taking down the folding table I was using as a desk and transferring my “office” to the old sewing desk created a lot more floor space and also reduced the surface area for the junk my old desk seemed to accumulate.  I was able to hide the router and modem in the cubby shelf of the desk and got the computer off the floor by sliding it onto a shelf of the printer cart.

the office 

This area will soon occupy a “new” craft desk… stay tuned.

what will be the craft area
Here is my “gym”; pretty much the same but now with a much better angle to the monitor so I can watch Hulu and Netflix while I workout.  Trust me, this is a big incentive. 🙂

 the gym
And, although this was in the room before, I thought I would share my postcard mobile that I picked up at the Urban Outfitters in Chicago for some ridiculously discounted price.  Now that the room feels airy and streamlined, this seems to be much more prominent and I like to stare at it when I should be focused on the novel or whatever else I’m working on writing. 

postcard mobile

 There you have it folks!  (I know you were holding your breath so you are officially out of your misery.)  Hopefully there will be many more household refresh projects coming soon… and knowing how much I clean when “novel-procratinating”, I’m sure I’ll be blogging about them soon!

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