A thought for Thursday…


YOU… Yes, I’m talking to YOU.

Let’s be honest here.  It happens in the best of relationships.  We find ourself joined to another that just talks ALL THE TIME and, frankly, it gets overwhelming.  It also doesn’t help if this significant other indulges your creepy stalker side or your brooding vexed lover drama.  Sometimes, we just have to put on our big kid pants and take a break.

Take a little time apart… from Facebook.

Admit it, you’ve at least once wanted to throw the towel in on this time-suck of a relationship.  This is usually when your guilt kicks in and you  begin to wondered, “But what if?  What if that random ‘friend’ only attached to me by six degrees of separation cooks up too many turkey pot pies?  Who will be there for her to accept the free food and propel forward the thriving industry being spawned in Cafe World?” 

BELIEVE THIS, because I’m usually right (that, and I speak from personal experience), life carries on outside of Facebook. 

As I have this conversation (a.k.a. write this post) I feel like I’m trying to convince someone that there is life after giving up the bottle, or promising an addict that withdrawal is “not that bad”.  Maybe a disclaimer is in order.  I like Facebook.  I use Facebook on a daily basis.  It is quickly becoming my substitute for email and I love keeping up with friends all over the globe.  I love seeing new posts, sharing ideas, hysterical videos of people falling from various unstable surfaces, seeing pictures of the ones I miss and catching up with ones I never thought I’d be in contact with again.  This isn’t an anti-Facebook blog… just a caution in moderation and a little instruction to create a bit of distance and perspective to promote a healthy relationship with the beating heart that is Facebook.

So here it is… How to pull off a success break from the one you love:


  • A friend you trust

Step One:

Change your status to let your peeps know that you won’t be responding any time soon. If they are really your friends, they should have your email address or phone number.

Step Two:

Take lots of deep breaths.  Maybe do some jumping jacks to get up the adrenaline to let the next step happen.

Step Three:

Have Trusted Friend create a free email account with a password you don’t know ( I like mail.com)

Step Four

Trusted Friend changes the email address on your Facebook account, deleting your existing email after the new one is verified and set as default.

Step Five:

Trusted Friend changes your password to one you don’t know.


You are officially taking a break from Facebook. Now don’t get tempted to go stalking on MySpace or Twitter. It’s just not healthy and you know this.  Once you are fairly sure you’ve returned to your senses and can acknowledge that Facebook is not, in fact, a human being and does not require your constant attention, you may enter into conversations with Trusted Friend to change your email address back and reset the password. 

It may seem drastic but you’ll thank me later.  And, just as a little FYI, if you are interesting in one of these all-inclusive vacations from Facebook or any other social media outlet, I would be happy to serve as your Trust Friend for a practically negligible fee*.

*A reasonable daily fee is applied for the duration of said break.  Special fees apply if you want me to read you messages and respond to messages, friend requests, and/or wall posts.  I gladly accept payment in Starbucks and compilation CDs.

2 thoughts on “A thought for Thursday…

  1. Whoa! I am not ready to commit to this break yet …even though I have been feeling the need to take a break from all the photos, status updates, and opinions! I may be contacting you about that trusted friend thing… maybe!

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