I’ve been revising my goal list (more on that later) to include things like, “lay off the Starbuck’s compilation CD impulse buys” and “actually listen to the 300+ CD you legitimately paid for and own.” So, in an effort to get all my music in one place and to satisfy my constant new music need and also my love for Starbuck’s recommended music (thank you for my free weekly picks!) I’ve reluctantly iCaved and downloaded iTunes. Why resist? you may be asking. Or possibly, how the heck did you survive without it this long? Well, see, here’s my problem…  I’m extremely resistant to ‘i’ products simply for their ridiculous efforts for exclusivity.  Serious… they can’t call it a “backup utility” it’s a “time machine”  woooo OOOO ooooh!  And it’s not an external hard drive, it’s a “time capsule”.  Geeks of the world are going crazy overpaying for their fancy white encapsulated products.  Am I secretly jealous?  Sure.

I also resisted the transition to DVDs so that may be saying something.  I had 8 tracks until the last 5 years and they had been pretty much phased out since before I was born.

Now, I’m a complete oxymoron because I love technology… I’m that person that actually enjoys PC World and inappropriately snatched peoples new cell phones to see if they are actually up to par with their advertising claims.  (The Verizon Droid and T-Mobile My Touch are actually quite nice)  But, you see, I’m cheap.  Well, that’s not actually true because I can always find something to spend money on (i.e. Starbuck’s compilation CDs); maybe it’s more the commitment issue.  I guess I’m afraid of the slippery iSlope that every other human being who ever bit the Apple got sucked down.  Brings to mind another popular story of a certain formerly warned individual who just had to take a bite of the forbidden fruit because some slick punk in a tree told her she’d be so much better off.  We ALL know how that ended.

So I guess it’s mostly not wanting to spend the money (or not having the resources to spend) on technology that has led to this aversion.  That and “the next big thing!” phenomenon.  So, I’ve needed a new cell phone since the love of my life, one of the original smart phones, was stolen back in 2008.  I needed a phone asap so I just got the freebie for renewing my contract.  I swapped into a hot pink razor my sister didn’t want any more but it’s wasn’t any better.  It was dropped it so many times that you could hear the speaker rattle when people spoke.  Pathetic.  BUT, i adjusted to the cheaper phone bill without a data plan and I compulsively read reviews reminding me that this new version and that new version would be out in 2 months.  After 2 months an even better new phone is announced to be on the market in another month. So I waited… which one will wow me?  What phone will persuade me to double my phone bill? In the end, it came down to an awesome gift from an even more awesome friend and I now love my My Touch as much as the dear one snatched from me years ago.

So there you go…

Just a little bit of insight into the rabbit hole ridden thought and decision process that happens when I do something as simple as downloading iTunes. It’s a wonder I get anything done.

One thought on “iCaved…

  1. Loved this! I was sitting right next to you when this was executed and with such finesse. The nuances and sheer balls (yes I said it) 🙂 You know Apple is gonna take a bite. But in the meanwhile… bestill my heart.

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