I’ve been feeling the black hole that exists when all inspiration is gone. I found a momentary peace in the lack of creativity, content to be in the present and just appreciate creation for a while.  Then I started to play what I call “Explore Tour” on Flickr and swirl endlessly in the black hole as I see the remarkable talent that is out there.  It makes me want to delete my account.

I was just sitting here, listening to Xavier Rudd. Come Let Go is one of the few songs that switches my mind to another state. There is something inside that I can’t quite grasp.

This got me thinking about what my work is lacking. I try to create, I try to capture… but in the end it’s empty. Expression is missing, the pulling out of myself and the pushing of this force into a project. Like sending messages into space that someone somehow somewhere someday might hear and just know, whether they understand or not, that I was here.

One thought on “Expression

  1. Oh my dear friend who has so much to give and yet doesn’t take time. So glad we collided in our creative minds. This too will pass and I have this uncanny assurance that it did. Don’t Stop believing or for that matter writing. it is all good!

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