It’s been a while…

, originally uploaded by MariahKW.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged… well it’s been a while since I pretty much did anything.  I gave up Facebook for lent (and I don’t miss it).  I haven’t really listened to much music to continue my song of the day run.  My Flickr-love seems to have run dry.   All the busy “doing” seems to get me nowhere so I give it up and stand still for a while.

It’s in these prosaic time that I look up and there it is… the most amazing artwork, well, ever.  These painted skies humble and embolden.  I wonder, is it always this amazing and I’m just not paying attention?  I’m reminded who the Creator is, and who the creator is not.
I give myself a break from forced “creation” just to keep up with some indeterminable force that we like to label “progress”.  I am thankful for the silence sought in this staleness.  Creation without the proper focus is dull… creation focused towards the heavens, well, there is nothing dull about that.

One thought on “It’s been a while…

  1. I so get you here. Can you imagine too busy for God. It’s as good as saying you’re to busy for yourself. I enjoy the way you write and I chuckled at you giving up FB for lent 🙂 Don’t stop, writing/posting/giving yourself a break…!

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